Why you may want to use a secure field for your dog? 

We want you to enjoy your dogs off lead and be confident that you will not meet or see anyone whilst in our field for the 50 minutes you hire if for. It’s a stress free space exclusively for you and your dog. 
There are many reasons why our nation of dog lovers may want to use a secure field, not limited to but for example: 
Reactive dogs 
Nervous Dogs 
For fun and training 
For agility training 
For gun dog training 
Dogs with high prey drive 
Dogs who appear deaf and cannot be trusted to recall 
Rescue dogs 
You may not need any of the above reasons to hire the field, it can simply be enjoyed for private training and exercise time. 

The use of the field includes 

Agility equipment 
Play equipment, tennis balls, Frisbees etc. 
2 foot deep Splash Pool 
Gundog Fun scurry 
Long grassy hunting areas 
Small enclosed pen 
The retrieving lane 
The main field 
The agility equipment 
The Fun Scurry 

Secure 6 foot high fencing 

Every dog should be allowed the freedom to run free in complete confidence they are in a safe and secure environment. 
The field is fenced off to 6-foot-high with channels having been dug to 6 inches below the ground. Gates are either boarded or have chicken wire around the bottom to ensure no escaping underneath. 
Please note: The gate by the large sheds leads to our garden and is private land. Never open this gate as our own 2 dogs are likely to be roaming free in our garden. 
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