Bark & Bounce Bournheath Field Hire User Agreement 

On this page is our User Agreement. If you wish to become a Member then please download a copy of the document (at bottom of the page) and complete the fields and bring it along to your first Session. 
Bark & Bounce Bournheath Field Hire. Lilac Cottage, Dordale Road, Bournheath, B61 9JT 
Bark & Bounce Bournheath Field Hire USER AGREEMENT 
This Agreement is made and effective on ("Date") by and between Mrs Natalie Pollar (“Field Managers”) and (“Member”). 
1. Location 
The Member has use of the secure field (the “Location”) that is situated on Dordale Road, adjacent to Lilac Cottage and accessed through the gated entrance off the road. 
2. Parking 
Parking is permitted on the concrete entrance to the field designated area or directly inside the field gate on the hardstanding provided during your time slot. You should park up on Dordale Road whist waiting for your time slot and access to the field. Please wait in the car until the field is free for your slot and please avoid arriving early and ensure you leave promptly. 
3. Payment 
There are no Membership Fees. Field Hire is on a pay per use basis and can be booked and paid for securely online or by paying cash on the gate (by arrangement and by appointment only). 
4. Other Members 
It is very important that you do not interact with the people leaving the field before you enter it. Their dogs may be reactive or nervous and they are using the field for the purpose of exercising their dog undisturbed. Members should avoid overlapping as this may cause distress or anxiety to other dogs. 
5. Terms of Use 
The “Member” accepts that unless the terms and conditions are agreed and adhered to, membership will be denied or forfeited. All members are required to attend an induction. 
Members have use of the aforementioned enclosed field only. Membership does not permit entry into any other field or on any other part of Lilac Cottage land. 
1. A MAXIMUM OF 3 DOGS are allowed on the field / 2 Cars are allowed at any one time (this includes shared member bookings) 
2. Group bookings are available but are granted on request. Prices are on application and dependant the number of dogs and cars. 
3. All bookings are subject to availability and Bark & Bounce Bournheath Field Hire reserve the right to cancel or amend time slots should it be deemed necessary 
4. Members are responsible for themselves and their dog(s) at all times and they are liable for any damages caused by their dog(s) whilst using the facility 
5. The field is for personal use only and is not to be used in a professional capacity. 
1. The field use is by appointment only and timeslots must be booked in advance. 
2. Time slots are for 50 minutes which starts on the hour and finishes at 50 minutes past the hour. 
3. Members can use the field on any available days and times and multiple daily visits and block bookings are possible. 
4. If you are unable to take the booking for any reason cancellation must be notified at least 24 hours in advance to allow the session to be freed up for another user. 
Discounts are available when 2 or more timeslots are booked at the same time as shown on the website. 
Dogs & Handling 
1. It is only your own Dogs coming to Bark & Bounce Bournheath field and they must be accompanied by their handler at all times and remain on a lead when outside of the secure field area. 
2. Dogs must be in good health, fully vaccinated, and up to date with worming, flea and tick treatments. (This will be checked on induction). 
3. If the dog(s) show any signs of illness (diarrhoea, vomiting, coughing etc) then the session must be cancelled. Other dogs who use the facility may be subject to a weakened immune system. No refund will be given for cancelled sessions for illness. 
4. “Members” should hold pet public liability (usually included as part of household insurance, but Members are responsible for confirming this) 
5. Aversive training equipment is not allowed (not limited to but for example) Corrector spray, Choke chains, prong collars, electronic devices etc. Please contact for further advice. 
6. Harsh handling of dogs, either verbal or physical is not allowed 
7. Any Member found to be training dogs for fighting or is a cause for concern regarding animal cruelty, will be asked to leave immediately. 
8. No children under 16 years old are permitted unless accompanied by a responsible adult. 
1. Members who disrespect the terms of use of the field will have their membership revoked and be denied access to the field. 
I have read and accept the above terms of the Lease Agreement and acknowledge that: 
Bark & Bounce Bournheath Field Hire (or Mr Ben Pollard and Mrs Natalie Pollard) have no responsibility for loss, injury or accident that occurs to myself, my dog(s), my equipment, my car or accompanying friends and family or for any veterinary bills arising from using the field. 
I agree to use the field at my own risk and I am liable for any damages caused by me or my dog when using the facility. 
I agree to clear up all dog mess and rubbish that results from my visit and return any borrowed items to the required place after use. 
I agree to put all cigarette butt ends in the ash tray provided and not to start any open fires or barbecues. 
I agree not to make excessive noise, feed any livestock in neighbouring fields, discourage my dog(s) from digging holes and fill in any made. 
I agree only to use the agreed parking area’s as stipulated and secure field and understand that I am not permitted to any other area of Lilac Cottage. 
I acknowledge that I am responsible for inspecting the field, walking the perimeter to ensure that it is suitable for use by my dog/s, with regard to fence height, please also report immediately any holes found or damage to the field that have occurred possibly by rabbits or foxes. 
I acknowledge that I am responsible for ensuring that any equipment used is suitable for my dog(s), paying particular attention to my dog(s) height and age limitations. 
I always agree to keep my dog on a lead when outside of the secure field. 
I agree to vacate the field no later than 50 minutes past the hour, regardless of what time I arrived. 
I agree to sign in and out on arrival and departure for insurance reasons. 
I agree to remain in my car with my dog(s) until the previous field user has left the site. If this person is still present and their time has elapsed, I know to call 07733 100202 or 07879 480002 and not take matters into my own hands. 
I agree not to interact with the people leaving or entering the field in the sessions either side of my own. Their dogs may be reactive or nervous and they are using the field for the purpose of being left completely alone. 
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